The AirMD program allows patients to call or have a video conference with a physician anytime from the comfort of their own homes using a smartphone or computer. If you would like early access to the AirMD program, please contact us at


Don't Admit Your Patients
Send them to CRMM

The ROSS Program:

1. Replaces Hospital Admissions
2. Allows patients to go home and avoid hospital acquired infections
3. Allows Insurance companies and CMS to save
4. Allows Hospitals to save
5. Allows doctors to ensure patient follow up in their offices immediately

If your organization is interested in the ROSS program contact us at


Ross Medical and its subsidiaries are the pioneers of a highly disruptive new type of patient care. They are the medical device manufacturers, software and hardware manufacturers, clinical trial researchers, and the physicians who practice this new way of caring for patients. The hospital walls are not medically necessary and Ross Medical changes the structure and flow of patient care at a fraction of the cost. Ross Medical, its subsidiaries, and managed partners are currently seeking investors for its Series B financing round. For more information please contact us at